Non-Profit & Small Biz Guru Needed? Michaele Rachlin Featured Power Player is Here!

June 29, 2016

We’d like to welcome Michaele Rachlin to the Own Your Power family as one of our POWER PLAYERS. She has over 30 years experience in a mixed bag of industries and is well known behind the scenes serving as the Board Chair for Girl Power Rocks  and working with companies such as  The Big Blue and You. I convinced her to come out from behind the shadows and let people know all of the amazing work she does to help us small business owners.


Need a funding strategy for your non-profit?mdr_headshot

Got a grant that won’t write itself?

Ready to get your start-up off the ground?

Need help to scale up to the next level of your business or program?

Or do you need to streamline things and improve productivity?

Michaele is the woman to reach out to!

We asked her to share a little bit about what’s she’s up to and here’s what she had to say!

“With MDR Management Consulting I’m able to focus my skills and energy on projects and organizations that are making an impact –your project, your business, your non-profit!

MDR Management Consulting specializes in empowering organizations to build capacity and grow resources. When they partner with you, it’s a mutual choice based on purpose and values. They align with your goals and deliver smart, practical, and results-orientated ideas, and solutions.”

First-time clients call to get a speed-consult aka a quick assessment. Make sure you tell her OWN YOUR POWER sent ya!

mdr_newlogo | 305-600-4411

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