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by Simone Kelly

Go on a suspenseful and mystical ride in this twist-filled thriller about a father and daughter with supernatural abilities…

Ty Carter is at the prime of his career, making millions in Atlanta real estate, and his Cuban-Jamaican good looks and charm make him a hit with the ladies. One would think he was on top of the world; however, things are not always what they seem. Recently divorced, he’s taking care of his grandfather, who suffers from dementia and also trying to keep his sexual addiction under wraps.

Just when he thinks he’s got things under control, Ty is knocked down by a surprise visit from his past. Journey Salazar, his 22-year-old daughter, is eager to learn about her family roots and build a relationship with her father. Ty and Journey realize they have a lot more in common than just looks. They both possess some unique supernatural traits. Their abilities of telepathy and astral projection help deepen a bond between them, but Ty will soon realize that Journey likes to get what she wants, sometimes abusing her gift if necessary. As Journey demands to weave herself into his life, Ty will see things rapidly unravel before his eyes. Journey soon shows him that she is the master of control and manipulation. 

Daddy’s little girl is not all she claims to be.

Whispers From the Past

by Simone Kelly

Reincarnation, karma, and past lives are just some of the things that unfold in Whispers from the Past. Simone Kelly sends readers on a jaw-dropping ride of steamy, erotic moments, comedy, suspense, and supernatural thrills.

Jacques Berradi has always known he could read minds, predict the future, but now he’s learned the ability to see into past lives on a deeper level. He can help others uncover their Karma with just a glance into their eyes or with a touch. Moroccan born and SoHo raised, Jacques exudes sex appeal without even knowing it. His genuine, soft-spoken demeanor makes him a highly requested intuitive counselor, helping his clients deal with the drama in their lives.

His good friend, Kylie Collins, is a recent Brooklyn transplant to Miami. Fun loving and inquisitive, she’s a PI in training at Like a Fly on the Wall Detective Agency. She is at a crossroads in her life and realizes it’s time to make up her mind about men. Should she give up her addiction to her bad-boy Breeze, settle down to start a family, or just focus on her career?

Mackenzie is Kylie’s roommate. She’s a skilled, gun-packing, outlandish, and hilarious modern-day Southern belle. Mackenzie is also is an herbalist and an amazing baker who wants to heal the world with her talents. When some dark, humiliating secrets that Mackenzie has been holding onto are revealed, everyone’s world is turned upside-down.

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Like A Fly on the Wall

by Simone Kelly

Sexy, Suspense, Thriller and AMAZON BEST SELLER!


From talented debut author, Simone Kelly, comes this suspenseful novel that crackles with intrigue, sex, and plenty of surprises-perfect for fans of Eric Jerome Dickey and Carl Weber.

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Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

by Simone Kelly

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, entrepreneurial success can be yours!

  • Are you a business owner or someday hope to be?
  • Do you have one to many “side hustles” and have problems focusing on the right one?

“Jack of All Trades, Master of None?” will help you identify your true passion first, and then apply proven strategies to develop your business.

This crucial first step can help you eliminate becoming a “Jack of All Trades and Master of None!”

With marketing expert, Simone Kelly’s insightful and straightforward business advice, you will learn to:

  • Discover what you truly enjoy doing and begin to focus on it
  • Uncover and conquer the fears that have been holding you down
  • Think like a marketer even if you don’t have a business background
  • Master the art of relationship building
  • Unleash your creative spirit and use it to promote your business


At Second Glance

by Simone Kelly

Do you believe in love at first sight? Who’s to say that this isn’t a real occurrence? Yet, who tells the story after you get a second glance at what you got yourself into…At Second Glance will do just that.

With every secret, there is always a consequence. But when we rush into love, we sometimes overlook the signs that someone is withholding…

Storm, Dee, and Tyjana are three independent single women who have to face the hard facts of what happens when you don’t take that second glance.

You’ll be rooting for them, crying with them, or giggling at them as you experience their adventures of sisterhood, love, and deceit. Storm Gallagher is the up and coming fashion designer who’s tired of living in the shadow of her famous designer aunt, Sofia Lewis. She represents to voice of today’s enterprising woman who is on a quest for love and happiness. She’s successful, sexy; and her impulsive and kinky behavior might make you blush and wish you were that bold.

Wild and crazy Dee Johnson will have you laughing out loud with her wise cracks. Her carefree spirit with men and sharp tongue prove that she does first and thinks about the consequences later.

Tyjana Cabrera is a music industry executive, who knows what she wants and always finds a way to get it. She doesn’t care to look back to see whose feelings were hurt on the way. Spoiled, beautiful and definitely confident, she is used to turning heads in a crowd. See what happens as their worlds entwine and the drama erupts. Their closets will creak open and the skeletons that jump out might shock you! The combination of mouth watering sex scenes and shocking surprises will have you turning pages at high speed to see what they get into next.

I guarantee that At Second Glance will make you think again about love at first sight.

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