Power Player in the Spotlight: LunaRain Botanicals

June 11, 2017
Power Player in the Spotlight: LunaRain Botanicals

If you want to learn about self-care and yoni wellness, Melissa “Moonchild” is the woman to know! This Power Player is well-versed on the topic and shares just one of her many tips in the following video. Check it out and get to know more about what her business LunaRain Botanicals does to help women world-wide.

Describe your business and what made you want to launch it?

LunaRainBotanicals.com is a sanctuary for the woman of the new millennium. We offer 100% organic hand-blended herbs and crystals for yoni steaming, unique yoni wellness products, and tons of tried and true recipes and remedies for radiant beauty and health for your whole family and home. We launched because it’s time to heal wombs now. It’s time to be aware of the powerful love and medicine that surrounds us in nature.

What are some of your favorite success stories from the past or current clients?

I love hearing women say that just after one use they notice less pain and less hemorrhaging during their next cycle. I love when they tell me of a new heightened sense of love and ease within their own skin because of the rituals and herbs and crystals that we offer.


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Melissa (Moonchild) -CEO



Twitter: @ladylunarain

FB Fan Page: Luna Rain Botanicals

Youtube: Luna Rain Botanicals (channel name)

Instagram: lunarainbotanicals


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