Power Player of the Week: La Shell Wooten

May 26, 2017

La Shell has been in the Own Your Power family since 2003. She’s been a Feng Shui consultant who has been a featured speaker at some of our very first workshops in NYC. La Shell has also been a featured expert several times on Own Your Power Radio.  Now she’s added Life Coach to her many skills and she’s very good at what she does! 

We are so happy to have her on board as a featured partner for the LIKE A FLY ON THE WALL BOOK TOUR.

Take a few moments to learn about this POWER HOUSE and learn why she is a Power Player!

What is your business about?

My business is social-emotional life coaching.  I launched my business because as a licensed social worker, I discovered that my helping gift was more about coaching and less about mental therapy.  My main services are life coaching, life planning, relationship repair and helping people develop emotional fitness.

What’s is your biggest fear behind launching your business and how you overcame it and OWNED YOUR POWER?

My biggest fear about launching my own business was being able to support my children as I did with a full-time job.  I overcame this fear with faith and some self-talk about my value and expressing my gifts and asking for the value of them with those who can use my service.  I was scared,  but I took the leap and it has paid off.  Every person I share my gift with and every person who books me for a workshop, life coaching session or speaking engagement allows me to feel my power from the inside out.

What are some of your favorite success stories from the past or current clients?

You can check out some of my favorite testimonials on my website www.lashellwooten.com

Do you have any SPECIAL OFFERS for Own Your Power fans?

Absolutely, please subscribe to my website and follow me on IG and Twitter and get 25% off of 3 life coaching sessions!






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