At Second Glance by Simone Kelly

Do you believe in love at first sight? Who’s to say that this isn’t a real occurrence? Yet, who tells the story after you get a second glance at what you got yourself into…At Second Glance will do just that.

With every secret, there is always a consequence. But when we rush into love, we sometimes overlook the signs that someone is withholding…

Storm, Dee, and Tyjana are three independent single women who have to face the hard facts of what happens when you don’t take that second glance.

You’ll be rooting for them, crying with them, or giggling at them as you experience their adventures of sisterhood, love, and deceit. Storm Gallagher is the up and coming fashion designer who’s tired of living in the shadow of her famous designer aunt, Sofia Lewis. She represents to voice of today’s enterprising woman who is on a quest for love and happiness. She’s successful, sexy; and her impulsive and kinky behavior might make you blush and wish you were that bold.

Wild and crazy Dee Johnson will have you laughing out loud with her wise cracks. Her carefree spirit with men and sharp tongue prove that she does first and thinks about the consequences later.

Tyjana Cabrera is a music industry executive, who knows what she wants and always finds a way to get it. She doesn’t care to look back to see whose feelings were hurt on the way. Spoiled, beautiful and definitely confident, she is used to turning heads in a crowd. See what happens as their worlds entwine and the drama erupts. Their closets will creak open and the skeletons that jump out might shock you! The combination of mouth watering sex scenes and shocking surprises will have you turning pages at high speed to see what they get into next.

I guarantee that At Second Glance will make you think again about love at first sight.

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