Radio Host Spotlight: Monica Gonzalez of Holistic Healing Hour

August 7, 2014
Radio Host Spotlight: Monica Gonzalez of Holistic Healing Hour

What is your show about? Holistic healing power. We discuss tools and inspiration for emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

What’s the name of your business? S.W.E.E.T. Eden and I’m also the Program Director and Yoga Teacher at Vastu School of Yoga

What does your business do? S.W.E.E.T. Eden is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to empower and strengthen women who have been affected by domestic violence, abuse, & sex-trafficking. Vastu School of Yoga is a school of yoga following the Sivanada tradition. We hold daily classes and hold teacher trainings.

Any interesting facts that you can share about your industry? More people are beginning to see the need for deeper dives into gender issues particularly pertaining to women and the empowerment of the feminine.  There is also a huge awareness on sex-trafficking which has become a huge issue in our own area over the past few years.

Most popular problem you help people solve? Or what issues does your show tackle?  One of the biggest issues that we help people solve is regaining someone’s own power. Knowing that when there is a shift in perspective, you can learn how to create consciously! Our show helps bring awareness to alternative ways of living healthy, relationships, and  healing to name a few.

What’s a bold move you took that turned your business around? Made the decision to keep going.

Favorite “Me Time” Ritual to kick back and relax? (something you do alone) Be in nature! It can be the beach, a park, everglades – you name it and I am in my ME TIME ZONE! I also like to practice yoga, meditate, dance, read and listen to live music.

What’s your favorite topics to discuss? Helping others finding inner peace through mindful practices.

What’s a unique talent that you have that might surprise us? I can play the piano and used to play the violin.

 If you could do it all over again, what is the biggest mistake you’d avoid next time around. There are no mistakes. Everything is in divine order. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Favorite dish? Humus.

Dream vacation location? Going into the Amazon’s and Bungalow’s on Costa Rica’s beaches.

 How would your friends describe your personality? Loving, caring, nurturing, loyal, go with the flow, determined, consistent, and positive.

 If you could interview anyone who would be in the top of your list? Mother Theresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

Most exciting moment that you got your time to shine?  Being on The Own Your Power Radio and the Holistic Healing Hour.

How do you Own Your Power? I co-create with the universe. I manifest whatever I intend as long as it is authentic, real and in alignment with the better good.

Name a superpower you think you have now? Being able to see goodness and light in people.

What are some major projects you’re currently working on? Working on having monthly support and empowerment groups for survivors of abuse and/or women who have the need share or become empowered in sisterhood.

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