“Stress is a silent killer. The stress of work, bills, future, parenting all sit on my shoulders- literally. So, I called Simone. I also worried that my faith and reiki didn’t mix. But I still went forward to see what was in store and found that I worried for nothing. Simone Kelly introduced the ancient practice of Reiki to me with such ease and patience. She was intuitive to a point where I felt like she had made a few phone calls about my life (insert laughter). I left my first ever reiki session with a feeling of peace and great advice to maintain it. Plus, Simone showed that she genuinely cared about my well-being with follow-up texts and message reminders. I am a believer! But don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself. Already planning my second session.”
Aisha, Miami Testimonial

Aisha, Miami

A Former Reiki Virgin

“I cannot go another day without writing a review for Simone! Before our session, I was anxious, afraid, and nervous all wrapped up in one. I had a bad experience someone years ago, so I was really hesitant. When I spoke to Simone she made all the anxious nervous feelings disappear. I had written down questions for her in preparation for my session. Once we started talking she made me feel so comfortable. It was more like speaking to a friend. Then she asked if I had any questions I wanted to ask. Lol. She had already talked about 90% of my questions BEFORE I asked. She was accurate in describing myself and my family. I now know what steps I need to do to take care of family and myself for the future. I am so grateful for getting in contact with her.”

Nneka W, South Florida

On behalf of the Student Educational Centers, I would like to thank you for making your presentation this morning at our annual retreat. Our group of Directors and Assistant Directors enjoyed learning about your professional tips and strategies for successful marketing and recruitment efforts. Thank you again! 

Carrie M. Florea

Director of Marketing and Performance Nova South University Student Educational Centers