Stop Wasting Cash! (Give ‘n Take Member Spotlight)

January 26, 2015
Stop Wasting Cash! (Give ‘n Take Member Spotlight)

Give ‘N Take has new members in the spotlight…You can get a massage, fitness advice, a mechanic and admin  help all on barter! We’re so excited about our newest members.  You just offer a service or product, receive barter credits (Like money) and you can spend it with ANYONE of our 50,000 merchants in the network.

Join Give ‘N Take to generate more business, reduce your overhead, and save cash today!
Bartering is definitely smarter and don’t let anyone tell you differently. It’s the world’s oldest and best form of exchange. If you join by February 15th, you’ll get a SHOPPING SPREE of $250.

We’ve been around since 2002…find out why our members save thousands a year.

Shownda Pagan is the virtual assistant guru that will help change your life! NO kidding! She’s amazing at automating systems and getting you and your team organized. From Power Point, social media scheduling, tutorials, team manuals, mail merges, data entry, and more…she is great at streamlining the admin side of your business. She works virtually, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world! She’s also a Give n Take member, so call us to book her today on barter! 877-545-7352.

Orlonzo Harris is a Fitness trainer And Massage Therapist & is now in the family. His company is called Fit2Liv and he services Broward and Dade counties in Florida. Members can receive a foot massage, stretching, chair massage, and fitness assessments on all on barter. Call him to book your session at 754-281-8181. Follow him on IG @fit2liv. His Studio is in Hallendale Beach, Florida. His massages are to die for! Very professional and passionate about his work. If you are in need of  stress relief, call him!


lowell-carLowell Gelin is just one of our mechanics you can get on barter. He’s the founder of On Call Mechanics. He is offering oil changes, estimates, and much more on all on barter. Call 877-545-7352 to find out more about membership and his services. Follow him on IG @oncallmechanics! His shop is located in Davie, Fl right next to the Signature Grand! Lowell offers very detailed worked and top notch customer service.

SEE THESE MEMBERS THIS MONTH WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME! If you are already a Give ‘n Take member and you’d to take advantage of their services call us today to get an introduction, rates and book your appointment on using your barter credits. Call us at 877-545-7352. If you aren’t a member, join here for only $99 a year! If you join by February 15th, you’ll get a SHOPPING SPREE of $250 barter dollars so you can get started right away. If you aren’t a member yet, feel free to contact them for their cash services.


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