Own Your Power Lifestyle Principles Volume One: KNOW THYSELF

The first of many volumes that will help you with self-exploration, honoring your me-time, and teach you the basics about meditation, journaling, and more!  Grab and journal and get ready for a fun ride into learning more about YOU! MP3 download $9.99 CD $15.99 included shipping/handling in USA only

Own Your Power Retreat (4 DVD Set)


In 2007, the 1st Annual Own Your Power Retreat took place in Miami, Florida. It empowered entrepreneurs from all across the country to take action and move closer to their dreams! In this four-set DVD full of personal and business development workshops, you’ll relive the memories or feel the energy like you were there with…

Jack of All Trades, Master of None? By Simone Kelly-Brown

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, entrepreneurial success can be yours! Are you a business owner or someday hope to be? Do you have one too many “side hustles” and have problems focusing on the right one? Click here for more info. (OUT OF STOCK ONLY E-BOOK  AVAILABLE)

At Second Glance by Simone Kelly-Brown

Do you believe in love at first sight? Who’s to say that this isn’t a real occurrence? Yet, who tells the story after you get a second glance at what you got yourself into. At Second Glance will do just that. Buy Now!

The Best of The Own Your Power Radio Show

Learn how to transform your “SIDE-HUSTLE” into your full-time dream come true with the OWN YOUR POWER radio show. Listen to the highlights of some of our favorite shows, where CEO of Own Your Power Communications, Simone Kelly-Brown and Nikki Clifton invite special guests serve up insightful and straightforward business and personal growth advice, and…