Spring Forward (Haircare Tips) By Khalia Eve

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April 11, 2017

During the winter it is all about that protective style…the options are endless from wigs to weaves to braids to twists. Between Pinterest and IG,  the quest for hairstyles that will free up your morning routine are endless. But ladies,  one important tip is not overdoing the protective style and knowing when you need to…

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B’Beautiful Naturally- Tip #27: Avocados and Bananas for Hair

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July 2, 2011

Avocados and Bananas–who knew? When hair is dry, the outer layers of the hair referred to as cuticles, peel off from the central shaft and the hair can begin to break and become unhealthy. Mix avocados, rotten bananas,  olive oil and rosemary oil in a blender, and apply to hair after washing. Tip from Own…

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