Announcing Summer Selfie Contest -$1500 In Prizes!

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August 8, 2017

Like a Fly on the Wall Summer Selfie Contest! (OVER $1500 IN PRIZES) I’m doing another fun contest and this one requires your sexy face, a testimonial and little creativity! The reviews are coming in and not only has Like a Fly on the Wall been an Amazon Best Seller, it’s also considered a SEXY SUMMER…

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Are You Feeding Tumors? (OYP Radio)

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July 5, 2016

Do you know not only food, but skin products, hair products – such as relaxers can cause problems in your body? In this 3-part series, Nzingah and her special guest Barbara Jacques of Jacques’ Organics will break it  all down. They even talk about STRONG woman syndrome and how NOT RELEASING EMOTIONS can turn into…

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The Art of Making Time for Yourself by Christina Katz

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December 15, 2012

Yes, you read “Me Time Rituals” but how often do you take time to do them? Today’s featured writer, Christina Katz on, has practical ways you can incorporate time for yourself regardless of other commitments. The Art of Making Time for Yourself By Christina Katz It’s easy to forget to make time for yourself when you…

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Step Back and BREATHE by Sheila Hawkins

December 3, 2012

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and…well, we’ll let our featured writer, The “Do It Time” Diva – Sheila Hawkins tell you the rest.  Step Back and Breathe by Sheila Hawkins Women are wearing the usual crazy number of hats, life is moving at the speed of light and people are caught…

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Make Your Soul Dance Again By Simone Kelly

July 31, 2012

Own Your Power Lifestyle Principle No. 6: Make Your Soul Dance Again “Explore those things that make you exude joy. Is it singing? Rollerblading? Gardening? Writing? Painting? Carve out moments in your week for these little treats that nourish your soul. Most importantly, seek careers and businesses that allow you to weave in your talents,…

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The Own Your Power Virtual Retreat is Here!

April 26, 2011

Treat yourself to a relaxing escape from the comfort of your own home with like-minds. Prepare for many empowering teleclasses to enrich your life and help you live the life you deserve! You will enjoy personal development, business and natural healing sessions designed to broaden your vision and bring clarity–a total integration of body, mind,…

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