Take the Blindfold Off…

January 18, 2015



It’s a new year and I am feeling good about what the universe has in store for us all! There are so many opportunities for you…all you have to do is be open to the possibilities. Many times, there are options right before our eyes, but because we are unfocused, not grounded, or coming from a place of fear, we don’t see it. 

It’s like we’re living in a fog…but it’s really sunny outside. It’s time to take the blind fold off and dig deep. I can help!

The power of having an intuitive life coach is that it’s someone outside of your circle, your family, and your co-workers to provide you with guidance…mostly from a spiritual perspective. Maybe for you, there is no fog, you might even see the rainbow…(the big vision at the end of your dream) but,  you are just not clear on the steps to get there. Call me today and I can help! 877-545-7352. Please share this message with a friend!

1 hour $110


30 Minutes (past clients only) $59


   “Simone has been working with me since I was I was 19, at the time I was her youngest client. When she first worked with me, I was confused, distracted and felt completely lost- especially when it came to what I wanted to do professionally and academically. She not only gave me guidance, but gave me the tools to achieve my goals. At the time, I was struggling with a 2.9 gpa, but after using the scheduling tips, I finally began to succeed both academically and personally. Today at 26,  I’m working on my second degree with a 3.9 gpa, and I have no doubt that I can achieve all I want out of life.

Thank you Simone!” G.C. New Jersey

My session with Simone was one of the enlightening experiences I have ever had. In my life, I’ve always believed that I am the captain of my soul and create my own destiny, however, there are times when there are so many paths to take, that things tend to get confusing which leads to self doubt and lost opportunities.
As my intuitive life coach, Simone has been very “specific” on every aspect of my life personally and professionally. She has given me so much clarity and understanding of my past, present and future which have led to triumphs I could not have achieved alone.
People are placed in your life for a reason and I know Simone was heaven sent to provide guidance and enrichment in all that life has to offer me. I am beyond grateful for her anointing, authentic and genuine gift, amazing ability to connect and lead me towards greatness!”

Kamesha Hall
Atlanta, Ga


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