What is your relationship ‘deal breaker’? (OYP TV)

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March 11, 2013

What are your deal breakers that will help you make a decision to move ahead in a relationship or RUN FOR THE HILLS? See what some Power Players had to say! Watch the latest episode of Own Your Power TV-Deal Breakers in Dating for some tips from Love coaches as well as a few laughs.

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This show features:
Guest Relationship experts: Heart’s Desire International LLC.
The staff of new radio show Simone is co-hosting- Monday Night Meltdown crew. 
As well as some of the lovely ladies of Miami Spice. 

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jimmy Baldwin of Studio 510 in Lauderhill, Fl.

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Executive Producer: Simone Kelly

Producer/Editor: Steve Dukes

Theme Song: “I Came to Own My Power”
Written by: Yahzarah

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