There’s Power In Your Circle!

This past month has been confirmation for me that there is definitely power in your circle and there is a gold mine in your cell phone! I’ve reunited with friends from high school and college and once we finished reminiscing on the funny times we had and all of those embarrassing moments at the dorm…we networked. We caught up on what were our business goals, what skills did we all gain over the years and most of all…how could we help each other.

One of my classmates walked into the club where we met and said, “Let’s talk about how we can make a million bucks together.” Well, he got my attention. LOL

When we put all of our years of experience together, degrees, connections, and resources it was a no-brainer. However, why don’t more of us take advantage of opportunities like this all the time? Why don’t we all strive to create win/win situations with people that you know? Have one hand wash the other. Doing business with people you like, trust, and respect is always a plus.

When I started the Give ‘n Take Network back in 2002, our first tag line was  ~You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours~ and that is exactly what we did and still do. I have always been in the business of building community and I think everyone should look around at what and who they have access to, so that they can help their networks flourish. What’s the point of having 5k friends on FB and 1k followers on Twitter and IG,  if you never do anything productive with them then post a selfie? 🙂

What we should all do is really take a good look at our current circle and see how are we benefiting each other.

Are you the smartest one in your crew? That’s a problem…

Are you the one always asking for the hook up or hand out? Now…That’s a problem.

Check yourself on what you are bringing to the table and also WHO ARE YOU HANGING AROUND. Get out and network to expand your circle if needed.

Bring your resources and knowledge to the table and have a meeting of the minds with folks in your circles and see how you can join forces and make a million or more…

Once you have come up with a plan, get it in writing, test the waters for a month or so, and then take it from there. There is so much power in your circle of influence…use it your advantage.



To give you an example of things I pulled together from last month from networking with PEOPLE I ALREADY KNEW …

  • One of my classmates in now a mentor to me in radio.
  • One is coming on board my network to help me with East Coast sales
  • Another was a guest on one of our radio network’s show sharing his expertise and he’ll be back on others.
  • One of my other friends is helping me with some real estate projects.

Now it’s your turn…connect with classmates, old friends from the neighborhood on Facebook, Linked in, your alumni groups…and let’s not forget the phone! Let them know what you have to offer and what you need. You never know!


Good luck and happy networking,

Coach Simone Kelly

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