Power Player Feature: Captain Sherea Green

I have the pleasure of knowing this powerful woman, Captain Sherea Green. She’s uses her leadership skills in many ways. Get to know her in her Power Player interview!

Please describe what you do for a living.

I wear many hats! I am a Captain with the Broward Sheriff’s Office in Florida; a Real Estate Agent/Investor/Property Manager and a Adjunct Instructor at Broward College. My main areas of focus are leadership, mentoring and real estate.

What inspired you to start your career? 

I love mentorship and assisting others to accomplish their dreams.

What have been some of the challenges you have faced in your career? 

At some point in my life I was my biggest challenge. FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Once I realized that EVERYTHING starts and ends with your mindset, I made a decision to keep a healthy MINDSET!

What skills have you used to pull it all together?

In order to stay in a positive space I use the tools of meditating, praying, reading, and journaling. I also love exercising and watching to positive videos. These things help me maintain healthy and positive relationships. I made a commitment to make the current day my BEST day.


What are main keys to being a great leader in your community? 

SERVING! When you serve you please God. True leaders serve; Service prevails over status. Leadership is measured by how much VALUE is added to others. SERVE, INSPIRE, MOTIVATE,  ENCOURAGE;, MENTOR,  GUIDE,  AND COACH.

A true leader walks in the front to clear the way; walks alongside to show the way, but most importantly walks behind to push the team to WIN!

A true Leader should showcase the Teams efforts, but stand in the shadows during the victory!! Leaders must care for the team and be TRUSTED by all TEAMMATES! ACCOUNTABILITY; CONSISTENCY; TRANSPARENCY COMMUNICATION are key! Bless others looking for nothing in return.


Favorite Me Time Escape?

Reading to enhance my knowledge base; sharpening my talents. I also love to travel and enjoy visiting Caribbean Islands the most.


Share a success story from someone who you have helped in community. 

I once assisted someone that was once homeless become a homeowner.


Upcoming projects? What’s next for you… 

Writing my first book!


What would you like your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?  

I want to be remembered for the work  I’ve done and my SERVICE to my community. My plan is to touch each and everyone in the world with my TALENT.


Any words of advice for anyone getting into law enforcement?  

I commend anyone wishing to enter the Law Enforcement Field. Enter with a mindset to SERVE. Share your talents. Come in with a leadership mindset!! Be a good listener, great communicator, have integrity; follow through on all commitments, and conduct yourself as if EVERYONE’S watching.


Favorite Mantras the represent me: 

“It’s better to give than to receive. Giving begins the receiving process.”

“Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.” –Orrin Woodard.

“The best leadership starts with self leadership

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