Featured Power Player: Author J.K. Vereen

 Let’s welcome the newest author to the Own Your Power family-J.K. Vereen. If you like crime thrillers, action and drama, you’ll love his work.  Check out this interview we did with him.

What inspired you to write?
 I was inspired to start writing after reading novels by authors like K’wan, Shannon Holmes, Cash, and several others. I wanted to put a story together that really shows the cons of street life. Many people have no idea, the length the Federal government would go to secure a conviction. So, I wanted to give my readers an entertaining story, as well as a realistic point of view. Even though the story is fiction,  the government tactics are real.
What have been some of  your challenges?
My biggest challenge definitely was myself. We all have read some books that were mediocre. I wanted to make sure, Part Of The Game was not put on that list. In the beginning, I was being my worst critic. Hands down I was my toughest challenge.
What skills have you used to pull it all together?
It’s no secret, growing up in Miami, Florida in the 80’s, the attraction of the drug trade blinded many including myself  to an easier way to pursue the American dream. Unfortunately, I found myself serving a Federal sentence. Now, I use what I have learned legally and illegally as my foundation, to put together novels from the pain of the game.
What are the main keys to being successful in business that you can share?
Visioning the success, then chasing it one day at a time. You have to stay persistent. The creation of any book started with a thought. The key is pulling that thought out your head and putting it into your readers head. Dreams become reality by taking that first step, and as long as you show consistency success is sure to follow.
Tell us about your book.
I have the first five pages of my novel Part Of The Game, along with the synopsis on my website Paperchasinpub.com/
What is your favorite me time escape?
I enjoy doing things I never done before like driving ATV’s in the desert, taking helicopter rides through major cities. Basically any adventure is my escape. I’m a dog lover, so playing with my dogs at the park is definitely another escape for me.
 What would you like your legacy to be? How do you wanna be remembered?
I want my legacy to be as the best selling author J.K. Vereen. A man that was known for his good heart. A man that didn’t mind giving back to his community and would always speak to troubled youth. If the trials and tribulations of my life can motivate others to turn their dream into reality, I would say mission accomplished!
Any words or advice for anyone becoming an author?
You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will. Reach ways to improve and don’t let criticism discourage you from moving forward. Nothing comes easy. So, you gotta work hard and after you do that, work harder. The most important part of success is your hunger for greatness.

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