Are you ready to Discover YOUR Intuition? It’s back by popular demand! 

The next TEST YOUR INTUITION – Live ONLINE Training  is on Thursday, July 21.
7:30pm -8:30pm EST
In this discounted class at OYP UNIVERSITY, we’ll do a few intuitive exercises so you can see how good you are. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be surprised just how talented you are. IT’S ALL ONLINE AND ON VIDEO. It’s a cool teaser to get you warmed up for the full course on June 20th.
Enroll for  only $19.99 
Please be in a quiet place and have your camera on.
Register today for the full 2-day course: 
Monday and Tuesday
June 20 and 21st
Discover Your Intuition Level 1
7:30pm EST to 9:30pm EST
$169 Early Bird extended to June 7
$199 after June 7
Manual is included!
Learn how to make your life easier! If you’d like to get clear of the messages you receive…TAKE MY DISCOVER YOUR INTUITION WORKSHOP! It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be more confident than ever before. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW IT’S DONE!
What if your higher awareness was running your life?
This workshop will help you get more in tuned with who you are…pay attention to your patterns and live life with EYES WIDE OPEN..meaning your third eye as well.
Within 4 hours you’ll learn: (2 HOURS EACH DAY) ONLINE
-How to protect your energy daily
-The power of meditation and breathwork
– Understand the power of your dreams
– Learn your intuitive triggers
– Understand Chakras
– Experience several MIND-BLOWING intuitive techniques to let you see that you too are truly POWERFUL.
– Find out about abilities you probably never knew you had and begin to hone in on them for your daily use!
Don’t have PayPal? Other options are: 
$ownyourpower -Cash App
Vemno @ownyourpower

Sophia bought Like a Fly on the Wall in the LAX airport and then contacted me on IG, became a friend and then  a client and now she’s an amazing student!

“I have been wanting to take Simone’s Test your Intuition course for the longest time. But for some reason or another I was never able to. I’m so grateful that during these uncertain times I have been able to invest more time in myself and use this time to grow. Who better than Simone to show me the way!
I went into the class with an open mind and zero expectations of myself and let me tell you, how I was able to tap into my Intuition with Simone’s guidance really shocked me. She truly has a gift. I was speechless but most importantly I enjoyed myself and had such a great time, all the good energy and support I felt during the process made feel very comfortable. I was so impressed to see what I’m capable of that I decided to sign up for Simone’s 2 day course. I cannot wait to share what else I learn!” SOPHIA, CALIFORNIA

One of my newest graduates from Discover Your Intuition Level ONE was Dr. Adrian N. Carter! He took the Free class first and his intuitive skills blew us all away. He even surprised himself! He went on to take the 2- day course. Here’s what he had to say.

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow through your program. Our ability to existentially connect with other people is a paramount skill as a leader, father, and coach. With your guidance, I learned how to access and take ownership of my meditative space, how to connect and communicate, and how to interpret that connection and chakras. My favorite part was learning bedside manners to ensure the message doesn’t get lost in the message.”
Dr. Adrian N. Carter
CEO, Author, and Speaker
Carter Development Group, LLC

Working with Simone Kelly will change your life. My daughter and I took her Discover Your Intuition class, and our lives are forever changed. Simone teaches you exactly how to tap into the innate psychic abilities that we all have. And just when you think your mind is playing tricks on you, she pairs you with a complete stranger in the class where you’ll have the pleasure of blowing each other’s mind with your intuition. Since taking Simone’s Discover Your Intuition Course, I’ve purchased several personal readings for myself and as gifts to others. I continue to be amazed by Simone’s ability to connect with me, call me out on the present and provide insight into my future. Every year I gift myself a birthday reading, and so far, no gift has been able to top Simone’s insight. Clarity is priceless, and I’m grateful that Simone shares her gifts with us.”
Hyacinth Henderson, Financial Planner and Abundance Guide of The Henderson Financial Group (Took Level 1 of DYI)
*No refunds, but the class can be transferrable to another person or you can take at at later date. 

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