You’re Making a Scene Contest! (It’s back!)

Got a bubbly personality? Love reading? Maybe you’re an actor? WELL, YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD MAKE A SCENE! Join in this contest now and live forever as a character in my next novel!

We did this a few years ago for my first supernatural thriller, Like a Fly on the Wall and made it a hit!  I’m doing it again, but this time you need to read a scene from my latest Amazon Best Seller- #1544. 

To participate, all you have to do is read one of your favorite scenes (preferably with no MAJOR spoilers). DM  your scene to the @authorsimonekelly fan page on Facebook  or the IG fan page @simonekelly_author_coach. and we’ll pick three winners on July 11, 2022.

1. From June 13 to July 11 you can submit your scene.
2. It must be at least a minute and no longer than 5 minutes in total.
Have fun, be expressive, and creative to be noticed. Feel free to include friends and even act it out if you want to,  however there will be only ONE WINNER in your group. (The person who submitted the scene)

3. We will post videos on the fan pages and  we’ll ask others to  vote on their favorites by liking it. 

4. SUBMIT your video to my ig fan page @simonekelly_author_coach or my fb Fan page @authorsimonekelly. Make sure you tell your friends once you submit your video and share it.

Three (3) winners will be announced on July 11, 2022  and will be chosen based on delivery, creativity, views, and likes.


Winners will have a character named after them and possibly some qualities similar to them, as well as being featured in the credits of SIMONE KELLY’S next book.

Here’s some inspiration to help you with your scenes.  These are some of the winners and a few fan favorites!















Thanks for your support and please forward this contest to friends who would love to read a scene and get exposure! 

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