Meet Power Player: Joe Nunziata, Author of Spiritual Selling 2.0


I met Joe many years ago at one of his workshops in New York and was so inspired.  He has been featured many times at my events and retreats and everyone leaves with new tips to help them in their business and life. 

He’s the author of Spiritual Selling 2.0 Let’s get to know Joe. 


What service does your business provide?

Energy Healing/Clearing, Spiritual Principles, Business Consulting

What inspired you to start it? What problem do you help customers solve?

My own failure. I help people clear negative energy and create a path to success and peace. 

What skills/special talents have you used to pull it all together?

Meditations, Energy Clearing, Sales, Marketing, Speaking and Training. 

What are your main keys to being successful in business?

Alignment with what you do, sales process and clear vision. 

Favorite me time escape? 


What would you like your legacy to be? 

I would like  people to know that I helped make the world a better place and empowered others to do the same. 

Any last words of advice for an entrepreneur just starting out?

Take your time to connect to your true mission and remain flexible along the way.

Any recommended reading for personal growth? 

The Power of Now and System for Soul Memory

How can our readers reach you?


Don’t forget to check out his latest book Spiritual Selling 2.0. 

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