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Meet Power Player: Author Michelle Hollinger

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michelle Hollinger for many years. She’s an inspiration to many women and is always highlighting others with her publications, books, articles and events. Let’s shine the Own Your Power spotlight on this Goddess who is always giving back to others. Get to know Michelle Hollinger!


What service does your business provide?

Books, coaching, and workshops.

What inspired you to start it? What problem do you help customers solve?

My realization that unworthiness was blocking my growth compelled me to take a deep dive into it to better understand how and why. Once the divine insights started to flow, I realized how pervasive and subtle unworthiness is – it impacts people who don’t realize they’re under its spell. The problem I help customers solve is being able to identify that unworthiness is the culprit stagnating them and how to dissolve it from their lives so they can manifest at higher levels.

What have been some challenges in building your business?

Not taking myself as seriously as I should and realizing what tremendous value I offer. Being reluctant to really master social media for marketing purposes.

What special talents have you used to pull it all together?

Meditation, affirmative prayer, studying and applying spiritual principles. Sitting in my pain and really healing and realizing that I could not heal without knowing I AM worthy. Worthiness is a powerful elixir that allows LOVE to do its thang!!!

What do you think are your main keys to being successful in business?

Deep, unwavering belief in yourself, choosing a business that aligns with your authenticity, values and purpose; and being flexible and curious about the unknown possibilities.

What’s your favorite me time escape? Meditation; solitude with music and wine, spending time with my granddaughter.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I want my legacy to be helping as many people (especially Black people) discover their innate worthiness and use it to create lives they absolutely love. I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with helping women who are stuck AND have daddy/daughter issues to understand the correlation between the two and how absolutely powerful, liberating and prospering it is to heal.

Any last words of advice for an entrepreneur just starting out?

Take an honest inventory of your strengths and weaknesses and become clear about where unworthiness has blocked you from growing. The personal limitations will seep into your business because your business is a reflection of you. The stronger you are personally, the stronger and more successful your business will be. MEDITATE!!! And trust that your audience exists and will connect with you to eagerly receive your products and/or services.

Any recommended reading -a book that helped your biz or your personal growth?

30 Day Mental Diet by Willis Kinnear – powerful reminder that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

How can our readers connect with you? 

Website – MichelleHollinger.com

IG – iammichellehollinger

FB – Michelle Hollinger

TikTok – michelle_hollinger

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