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The Own Your Power Radio Network was created in April 2013 as a spin off of our popular show that aired on South Florida’s 1080am back in 2007.

The focus of The Own Your Power Radio Network is the same, now we’re a podcast network with various shows, hosts and diverse content.  It’s to empower professionals, entrepreneurs and encourage future business owners to understand their true passion and the importance of self-reflection.   We bring you positive, conscious, and inspiring talk radio shows to help you live the life that you deserve! Grown, Sexy, & Eclectic Grooves to keep you in a gooood mood!

We want to empower others to awaken to their greatness, transform, and develop a bond with their higher self! We also want to create a vibe of happiness with the music we play. Old School R&B, Old School Hip Hop, Jazz and Neo Soul are main genres that our audience enjoys.

Our talk show topics will be a refreshing change from mainstream radio gossip and negative news. We’re edgy, fun, educational…and not afraid to tackle topics that others might be. We will focus on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Creating Abundance and Prosperity, Fulfilling Relationships, Fitness,  Mind, Body and Soul, Wellness, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Alternative Healing and more.

If you’d like to host your own weekly show or mini-segment, or have your commercial on our network contact us today for more info: radio@ownyourpower.biz .

Own Your Power TV

A internet TV show launched August 13, 2012. It’s designed for entrepreneurs who crave a holistic approach to focus on their business, their passion and their lifestyles. It’s created by Coach Simone Kelly of Own Your Power Communications. 

Each webisode serves up insightful and small business profiles, personal growth tips, and relationship advice to help entrepreneurs Own their Power in all areas of their life.


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