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Here are a few praises from people I have worked with.

For a long time I have been a believer in the spirit world. However my religious tradition taught me in the past that dabbling with the future and those with the gift to give that insight were at odds with with my religious principles. That is, until I met Simone... A woman with an obvious connection to a God I believe in and blessed with the gift of Prophesy. I came to her at a time when I was really desperate for clarity. I had always been curious, but like I said my tradition had my bound by doctrine and not research. And I thought that folks that sought the advice of spiritual guides where nuts and didn't want to be lumped into the loony group... lol However different than other times, I jumped at the chance to do both Reiki and a reading! Somehow something in me could feel it was time and she was the person. She gave me an intense Reiki session and a partial reading was given during it. The things that she shared with me convinced...
Singer, NYC
I don't have words to truly express how grateful I am to have drawn Simone into my life. Her insight was able to give me the guidance and direction I had been seeking for some time. She identified life lessons that have been recurring in my past lives... she identified the root of an issue that had been haunting me for a few years... she identified a health issue with a family member... her uncanny vision and ability to communicate with the invisible world is astounding!
Kitah Rollins
Newark, NJ
Simone, your intuitive coaching was inspirational! It got me out of my funk, gave me the clarity that I needed to make decisions to move forward, and provided valuable insight that would have never been available to me had I not consulted with you! I can’t wait for my next reading with you, you are my newest secret weapon!
Monikah J. Ogando
The Business Success Coach, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Simone's reading was accurate, eye-opening and provided me with the guidance that I needed. She has a true talent and I look forward to future readings!
Dana Smith
Friends! Simone is am amazing holistic healer–her intuitive readings are so accurate. For those of you who do not believe in such things–give her a try! Basically a reading can be done since it involves tapping into your energetic matrix to read what is already there. Simone has done readings with me that have involved past lives and current relationship and business situations with complete accuracy. The images of past lives she could see I have seen just like she described, and the outcomes of business and relationship questions we have asked her are right on. Readings can support you to gain insight into your life patterns.
Energy of Breath School. Delay Beach, FL
Simone was able to not only give me insight about two VERY important people in my life – but confirmed some things I had felt in my own spirit. She was able to describe everything from their personalities to certain dialect, facial expressions that they generally make, and even knew the nickname one of them called me!She was also able to find out what went on in former lives of mine that explains a lot of things I struggle with internally to this day. Simone helped me to make some important decisions and I can’t thank her enough for it!!!
Lola Morning
Atlanta, GA
Simone's coaching was very insightful. It helped me to take a better look at myself & what I need to do to get my life moving in the direction I’d like it to go. She was also able to give me great information about my dog... which is not even her specialty. I found her reading to be very accurate & on point. Thank you Simone!
Maria & Lachino (doggie) Esposito
Ridgefield, NJ
I was at the point where I was lost not being able to figure out the meaning of my life anymore but trying to stay positive on the outside. While I was going through a rough time after facing very hurtful events one after another personally and professionally, I happened to come across with Simone’s gift on my friend’s blog which, honestly, I check only once a while… I’m a very spiritual person and a believer, but I’m also very realistic. So to be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. But now, I firmly believe I was meant to meet Simone. Simone had no personal and professional information about me, but every word coming out of her was right on point! She even knew about my dream that I’ve given up on a long time ago and only told to ONE closest friend about!! I had goose bumps throughout the one hour session with her! (and it was through Skype.com, not in person!) She definitely put me in the right frame of mind. She gave me a confirmation of my thoughts...
Kana Muramatsu
Tokyo, Japan
I thought I would never do this in a million years!’ The experience I have encountered with Simone, was not only exhilarating but enlightening. Next to the birth of my children, it was the most life changing experience of my LIFE!!My eyes have become open for positive change.I have been on the Emmy award winning show ‘Starting Over’ and was there for 12 weeks and was never able to understand why my life stayed the same or ‘got worse’! Just speaking with Simone for an HOUR, I feel I can NOW more forward and completely say with confidence that I am truly ‘Starting Over’! My life is finally heading in the right direction and on the right path. I am no longer on edge because it has been explained to me exactly what needs to be done…step by step!! Saying that Simone is awesome is an understatement!! I will be calling her monthly to be sure I am doing what I am SUPPOSED to be doing in my life on earth!! Simone, thanks for sharing my tears, laughter and most importantly, my LIFE!!!!!!!
Towanda Braxton
Atlanta, Georgia
Stress is a silent killer. The stress of work, bills, future, parenting all sit on my shoulders- literally. So, I called Simone. I also worried that my faith and reiki didn’t mix. But I still went forward to see what was in store and found that I worried for nothing. Simone Kelly introduced the ancient practice of Reiki to me with such ease and patience. She was intuitive to a point where I felt like she had made a few phone calls about my life (insert laughter). I left my first ever reiki session with a feeling of peace and great advice to maintain it. Plus, Simone showed that she genuinely cared about my well-being with follow-up texts and message reminders. I am a believer! But don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself. Already planning my second session.
Aisha, Miami
A Former Reiki Virgin
On behalf of the Student Educational Centers, I would like to thank you for making your presentation this morning at our annual retreat. Our group of Directors and Assistant Directors enjoyed learning about your professional tips and strategies for successful marketing and recruitment efforts. Thank you again!
Carrie M. Florea
Director of Marketing and Performance Nova South University Student Educational Centers
For a long time I have been looking for a trusted spiritual advisor who could help me to understand myself and my own intuition better. Simone was able to answer questions that had been lingering in my mind, heart, and soul for years. I finally understood reoccurring dreams and how they connected to past life experiences. In addition, Simone provided me with tools to solve issues in my relationships and how to strengthen and protect myself spiritually. Simone is sensitive, caring, and has an amazing gift that she shares unselfishly with the world. Our readings have truly changed my life and allowed me to take control of my life, relationships, and spiritual journey. Thank you Simone!!!
Simone is simply amazing! Before I could ask her a question she told me the answers! She was accurate beyond belief and could actually feel what I was feeling emotionally without me telling her. I would recommend her if you have questions about your life, relationships, or people. She is definitely the one to consult. I will continue to consult with her on a regular basis and I have recommended her to a close friend right after speaking with her. Thanks for listening and being so patient and making my experience a pleasurable one!
Frisco, Texas

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