Make Your Soul Dance Again By Simone Kelly

July 31, 2012

Own Your Power Lifestyle Principle No. 6: Make Your Soul Dance Again “Explore those things that make you exude joy. Is it singing? Rollerblading? Gardening? Writing? Painting? Carve out moments in your week for these little treats that nourish your soul. Most importantly, seek careers and businesses that allow you to weave in your talents,…

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The Own Your Power Virtual Retreat is Here!

April 26, 2011

Treat yourself to a relaxing escape from the comfort of your own home with like-minds. Prepare for many empowering teleclasses to enrich your life and help you live the life you deserve! You will enjoy personal development, business and natural healing sessions designed to broaden your vision and bring clarity–a total integration of body, mind,…

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Me and My Writing by zaji

April 14, 2011

Some may find this strange, but me-time for me includes writing. That’s right. I write to get away. Just like the next girl, I dream of regular vacations to far away places. But while in those places, I imagine myself writing. For me, it is the most relaxing thing I can do. On the beaches…

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B’Beautiful Naturally- Update #24- Wanna lose weight and build immunity- then CAYENNE PEPPER baby! (get wit it) :) by B’Cause It’s Mim

March 26, 2011

B’Beautiful Naturally- Update #24- Wanna lose weight and build immunity- then CAYENNE PEPPER baby! (get wit it) 🙂 ***BEFORE INTRODUCING CAYENNE PEPPER INTO YOUR DIET- CONSULT WITH YOUR PHYSCIAN*** Studies suggest that the health benefits of cayenne are almost too unbelievable, but its reputation keeps growing among medical researchers as well as alternative health aficionados….

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Emotional Health-Happiness or Sadness – It’s Your Choice! by Cee Cee

March 16, 2011

What is Emotional Health? The optimal state of emotional well-being is essential to achiev­ing overall wellness. Emotional health in this context in­cludes one’s ability to appropriately express their emotions, their ability to learn, and their ability to have meaningful social interactions and connections. Maintaining these as­pects of emotional health can at times be difficult for…

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