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April 4, 2018



Online Training is HERE!   

Since 2011, our most popular course was only available in person in limited cities or on Skype for one-on-one training. NOW you can be on our very first VIDEO GROUP CLASSES where you can participate from the comfort of your own home!

What if your higher awareness was running your life?

This workshop will help you get more in tuned with who you are…pay attention to your patterns and live life with EYES WIDE OPEN..meaning your third eye as well.

Online Spring/Summer Certifications 
Discover  Your Intuition Level 1
About the course: 

Within 2 DAYS (2 HOUR CLASSES)  you’ll learn:

  • How to protect your energy daily
  • The power of meditation and breathwork
  • Understand the power of your dreams
  • Learn your intuitive triggers
  • Understand Chakras
  • Experience several MIND-BLOWING intuitive techniques to let you see that you too are truly POWERFUL.
  • Find out about abilities you probably never knew you had and begin to hone in on them for your daily use!


Saturday, May 19   10am-12pm EST
Sunday, May 20     10am -12pm EST
Monday, May 21,  7:30pm-9:30pm EST
Tuesday, May 22  7:30pm-9:30pm EST
($125 Early Bird) $159
Discover Your Intuition Level 2
About the course: 
-Discover what kind of psychic you are! Do you feel, see, or hear. Could you do all?
-Practice remote viewing–visiting a place without leaving your chair. 
-You’ll work with each other and also work with some of Simone’s clients who are in other locations to practice and deepen your skills!
– Experience several MIND-BLOWING intuitive techniques to let you see that you too are truly POWERFUL.
– Find out about abilities you probably never knew you had and begin to hone in on them for your daily use!
Saturday, July 7   10am -12pm EST
Saturday, July 8   10am -12pm EST
Monday, July 9      7:30pm-9:30pm EST
Tuesday, July 10   7:30pm-9:30pm EST
(Prerequisite: Must be a former student who completed level 1)
($159 Early Bird) $189


Intimate classes so limited space…Hurry to save your spot!

Early Bird Rates Until 4/30

(All fees are Non-refundable, but transferable)

Former graduates who would like to take the class again for practice get a deeply discounted rate. Contact Simone directly for your discount.

Enroll today!

I hear it alllll the time. A client will say… “You know I’ve been right about that all along and didn’t trust myself. I wasn’t sure…” Or “Wow, you know I’ve been very on point lately? Like if I’m thinking about someone they call, if I think about a topic, it comes on TV or the Radio!”
Guess what people? Everyone has this ‘ability’ that I use in my Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions. I have a testimonial from a friend that still cracks me up, he said,”It’s almost like you’re a super hero!” LOL
Yet, it’s not a superpower like many think. Many of you know my story of how I used to see things as a child and was told I was just dreaming or making it up. Then during my teens and 20’s I had extremely prophetic dreams and was also obsessed with everything metaphysical and ‘out there’ :). I developed this gift even more in my 30’s, added it to my coaching practice, came out of the ‘intuitive closet’ and haven’t looked back since! I’ve seen many others who didn’t have any psychic experiences do that same.
I know for a fact that WE ALL HAVE IT, since I now teach others how to develop it within 1 DAY. YES..ONE DAY! Unfortunately, many of us don’t trust our gut, the ‘voices in head’, or feelings we get about a person or situation until its TOO LATE.
Learn how to make your life easier! If you’d like to get clear of the messages you receive…TAKE MY DISCOVER YOUR INTUITION WORKSHOP! It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be more confident than ever before. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW IT’S DONE!

Ruth Fajardo - Bartender

“YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY!!! Thinking about someone and looking at your phone to see it’s them calling you “out of the blue”. That little voice inside your head knows there is no such thing as coincidence!
I was reared in a hyper-conservative religious household, where being “psychic” was a sign of demonic possession. Letting go of the fear and guilt of trusting my self was the hardest part of getting to know your inner, true INTUITIVE self. Coach Simone’s intuitive workshops helped me to really realize that this great gift is nothing to be ashamed about. The Intuitive workshops are an intensely awakening experience, going beyond the physical plane and into the vast ocean of the spiritual and sub-conscious mind.
Coach Simone is a gentle guide, helping you to discover and unravel complex pathways you never knew were inside you. The Intuitive workshops are a MUST-DO for those seeking a deeper understanding of oneself and the truly astonishing power of the mind.”
Ruth, Texas (Took DYI levels 1 and 2 in Florida)
tamaraheadshot“When I first signed up for the class I was skeptical about my own intuitive abilities but it seemed like fun so I went for it. The breathing and meditation techniques that I learned have been very valuable and I use them everyday to help keep myself spiritually grounded. I enjoyed the class so much that I signed up for class 2 and I was absolutely AMAZED with what I learned about myself and my abilities. Simone is a wonderful teacher and made me feel comfortable and at ease every step of the way!”
Tamara A, Miami, Florida (Took DYI Levels 1 and 2 in Florida)

“Due to me already having had many intuitive life coaching sessions with Simone, I was sure that I wanted to train with her to enhance the same gift inside myself. I decided to enhance my current healing skills by taking Simone’s Reiki I, as well as the Discover Your Intuition I & II courses and learning a more intuitive approach. The distance proved not to be a problem, as I was able to skype and have the same experience I would face-to-face. After certification, I’ve realized the benefits of being able to tap into and use your intuition during the healing process. Not only am I able to see what needs to be healed, I’m able to get a more in-depth look at the root of the problem through using my intuition. I was floored at how accessible this gift is to everyone!!

Simone was able to successfully guide me through meditation into a state where I could hear clearly my spirit guides and be able to verbalize hidden truths to my clients. After certification, Simone has encouraged us to engage ourselves in practice and to report back to her how much we’ve grown. I wouldn’t have trusted or BELIEVED I could be able to access divine intervention before this class. I encourage everyone I know to take these classes.” Lola, ATL (Took Level 1 on Skype)

“I had the privilege of attending the “Discovering Your Intuition” workshop with Simone Kelly. It was absolutely refreshing to be in the company of a group of courageous women who were ready to learn (or re-discover) how to listen to and trust our God-given instincts. Simone made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. She’s highly gifted and yet so accessible. If she’s in your city, you should definitely try to attend one of her workshops! You’ll walk away with a journal full of goodies and a smile on your face.”

Ashley W., Dallas

“The Circle of Power seminar was amazing! The energy of love and healing was felt by everyone in attendance. I discovered abilities I didn’t know I possessed in the Discovering Your Intuition segment. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone in search of self and truth. Simone Kelly is the truth and I am blessed to have experienced her gift.” Khadijah K., Dallas

“My life will never be the same. I’m still a work in progress, but Simone’s knowledge and techniques are priceless. Make the choice today to call Simone and transform your life. I feel great!” Sakinah K., Dallas

Early Bird Rates Until 4/30



  • Best Selling Author
  • Certified Master Life Coach on Law of Attraction, Holistic Business Coach and Intuitive Life Coach
  • Reiki Master Teacher

Simone is the CEO of Own Your Power Communication’s. Her mission is to serve as an empowering Guiding Force ..connecting entrepreneurs to their fullest potential. We want you to strive and succeed on a personal and professional basis. OYPC has been influencing today’s entrepreneur since 1996.

She’s passionate about personal empowerment and encouraging many to own their OWN businesses and to pursue a holistic lifestyle. Simone has reached thousands with her advice and uses her talents best with various forms of media: as an author, speaker, holistic business coach, master life coach and media personality. Through her programs under the OYP umbrella, Simone can help you gain results to help you own YOUR Power! Visit her site at www.ownyourpowerlifestyle.com for more information.


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